A Vie en Rose

When I learned this issue’s theme was “Stories & Things I Love,” my mind went blank. Not because I don’t have things to love, but because I love too many things to settle on a topic. And then it came to me, a song I love: “La Vie En Rose.” And I knew that was... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Geeky Thing

My hometown of San Diego, CA is home to many things—the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Sea World San Diego, the San Diego Padres baseball team, and miles of beautiful beaches that bring much needed relief from the summer heat. It is also the originator of the “California Burrito,” a carne asada burrito stuffed... Continue Reading →

The Book of Lost Things

I’ve always loved fairy tales. Some of my favorite memories involve pulling the thick brown volumes that had belonged to my grandma off the shelf and reading in my room for hours. I enjoyed animal stories and the quests of Greek and Roman gods as well, but I’ve always gone back to fairy tales. As... Continue Reading →

Just Friends [March / April 2020]

Many stories focus on romantic entanglements, but some of the most endearing tales showcase a beautiful friendship that is nothing more two people finding a kindred spirit in each other. In this issue, we explore some of our favorite friendships... and hope you discover new ones along the way. New articles drop every Saturday and... Continue Reading →

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