Happily Ever After: Snow White’s New Adventures

The Snow White story continues... Well, we definitely know this story. “The fairest of them all” girl with her hair as black as ebony, lips as red as the rose, and skin as white as snow, goes up against a mysterious and beautiful woman with magical powers and cold heart, a nameless (or anonymous?) prince,... Continue Reading →

Grimm: What If Fairy Tales Were Real…

Once upon a time there lived an ordinary police detective named Nicholas ‘Nick’ Burkhardt, who is about to discover he has an extraordinary destiny that will turn his life upside down, bringing with it new steadfast friends and deadly enemies. Welcome to the TV show Grimm, a world where the mythical figures depicted in fairy... Continue Reading →

Signed Sealed Delivered

By Kirsty Pearce While it may appear that the physical act of sitting down and putting pen to paper is a lost art form in this day and age, this is not the case for the four main characters of the Hallmark series Signed Sealed Delivered. Giving themselves the nickname the Postables, Oliver O’Toole, Shane... Continue Reading →

World War II in Film

By Kirsty Pearce One of the most devastating events of the 1900s, World War II officially lasted from ‘39 to ’45. Although primarily a time of intense turmoil and unimaginable horror, it also simultaneously allowed for significant scientific and technological breakthroughs, heroic and daring acts of courage, and inspired some of the most heart-warming, heart-breaking... Continue Reading →

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