Sept/Oct 2020: Fairy Tales Issue

If you grew up on Disney fairy tales, you might have a different memory of them than if you cracked open Hans Christian Anderson or the Brothers Grimm. Disney had a tendency of… sanitizing them and giving them happy endings, because no one wants the Little Mermaid to fail, or for the Evil Stepsisters in... Continue Reading →

July/August 2020: Connected by Words

Words have power. To hurt. To build. To destroy. To uplift. Some people remember only the unkind things said to them. Others focus on the positive. But across the centuries, words have connected us—in songs, in poetry, and above all, through letters. Before text messages, famous authors, presidents, and ordinary friends exchanged letters. Waited weeks... Continue Reading →

The Power of Music (Jan / Feb 2020)

Music is a powerful form of storytelling. Several bars from a meaningful piece can arouse emotion in the audience, even without lyrics. This issue celebrates memorable songs, composers, musicians, and films with unforgettable soundtracks. Listen in, maybe you will find your new favorite. IN THIS ISSUE: Over the Rainbow, by Veronica Leigh Let It Be:... Continue Reading →

Halloween 2019: Haunted

Many things can haunt someone. The past. Trauma. Mistakes. Or literal ghosts. This issue centers around the things that haunt us, from actual spirits to the fears inside us. Join us for 5 days of all the things that go pump inside our heads... and outside of them, too. IN THIS ISSUE: The Dark Prince,... Continue Reading →

Jan / Feb 2019: Love Triangles

Romance comes with perils and pitfalls... and sometimes, broken hearts. From a human caught between immortal lovers to the husband left in the dust when a handsome stranger comes into his wife's life, history and fiction teems with people drawn together. This issue features memorable love triangles. IN THIS ISSUE: An Unconventional Life: The Duchess,... Continue Reading →

2019 Themes: Writer Sign-Up!

I've announced our 2019 upcoming issues! Please visit this page to find out what's coming soon -- and if you're a writer, sign up (either comment or e-mail me directly). Thank you so much, and I look forward to collaborating with you! ❤ Charity

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