Final Issue: Our Favorite Things

For ten years, our loyal Femnista writers have brought you wonderful new discoveries, analysis of favorite books, movies, and other entertainment, and our readers have delighted in following us on a series of themed-adventures… but all good things must come to an end! In this final issue of Femnista, we explore our favorite things—the shows,... Continue Reading →

Halloween 2021: Villains

Villains make the world go around, or at least cause a lot of trouble for the heroes. The best villains stand out from the pack, because they’re in some way memorable. Either they’re the perfect, diabolical foil for the hero or they are more intriguing than the protagonist. There’s a recent trend to revisit villains... Continue Reading →

July / August 2021: Heroes

What does heroism mean to you? Do you see a family member as heroic, for fighting cancer? Do you look to the pages of history to find heroes who championed causes? Do you look up to someone in your life, who is making a difference? Or do you prefer to find your heroes on the... Continue Reading →

May / June 2021: Space

Space… full of infinite possibilities, “the last frontier,” somewhere mankind looks forward to in expectation but also trepidation. Many wonderful books, movies, and television shows take place in this endless void full of … stars, aliens, planets, and strange encounters. Some of them come to earth to visit us, and in others, we reach for... Continue Reading →

Jan / Feb 2021: “Family”

In this issue, we explore family dynamics, dysfunctional families, likable families, and makeshift families, born or chosen, from the March Sisters to Blue Bloods. Please join us in exploring the good, the bad, and the remarkable influences family can have on the individual. Articles go live on the assigned date. IN THIS ISSUE: Jan 2:... Continue Reading →

Memorable Miniseries

From mini mystery series to historical dramas and literary adaptations, for years, filmmakers and screenwriters have entertained us with the miniseries—an episodic formula that allows us to get to know a series of characters over two, three, or even ten or twelve hours of weekly installments. In this issue of Femnista, we celebrate some of... Continue Reading →

Sept/Oct 2020: Fairy Tales Issue

If you grew up on Disney fairy tales, you might have a different memory of them than if you cracked open Hans Christian Anderson or the Brothers Grimm. Disney had a tendency of… sanitizing them and giving them happy endings, because no one wants the Little Mermaid to fail, or for the Evil Stepsisters in... Continue Reading →

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