Edith Crawley: Ask Lydia

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY LYDIA M. Everyone always seems to expect growing up with sisters to be like Little Women, all sweet games and playing in the attic. I do believe Mama was hoping it would be like that as she read it to us several times as girls. Subtlety is not one of... Continue Reading →


It Takes a Higgins: My Fair Lady

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY ELLA G. Every single man, woman, and child has dreams. From the girl who imagines her hairbrush to be a microphone to the boy who pretends the little league ballpark is actually Fenway, we all hope for the day when we can make something better of ourselves. It is only... Continue Reading →

A Modern Woman: Sybil Crawley

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY HANNAH KINGSLEY There are several kinds of female characters in books and movies, perhaps more reflective of real women than we would like to admit. Some fall into the damsels in distress category, women ever in need of rescue. There are also “tomboys” who shy away from womanly pursuits such... Continue Reading →

The Great War: L.M. Montgomery

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY RACHEL McMILLAN When readers think of  L.M. Montgomery they are immediately reminded of the sunny and spirited Anne Shirley... A feisty, quick-tempered redhead who embodies hope and optimism. Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote extensively of imaginative heroines who quelled tempestuous circumstances with spirit and sass: from the irrepressible Emily Byrd Starr... Continue Reading →

Oh, Lily: The House of Mirth

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY GINA DALFONZO Lily Bart, the heroine of Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth, has a way of driving readers and viewers crazy.  Whenever the book or its 2000 movie adaptation (directed by Terence Davies, starring Gillian Anderson) comes up in conversation, I tend to find myself almost the sole defender... Continue Reading →

Always Searching, As Time Goes By

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY PATTI GARDNER Hopes, dreams, longings and aspirations are all wonderful things to have. In fact, they are good and right and necessary, for they give us a road map, of sorts, to the places we long to go in life. They spur us onward and upward and keep us from... Continue Reading →

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