Social Distinctions: The World of Downton Abbey

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY RISSI C. One of the things that has survived through the ages, and is still a major social issue in politics today, is the distinction between the “upper class” and those who are considered “middle class.” The biggest part of the debate seems to be whether or not people who... Continue Reading →


Miss Potter: A Woman Ahead of Her Time

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY DANIELLE RODDICK Renee Zellweger is deep in character, and unrecognisable in costume with her natural, almost non-existent make-up, plump figure, and thick English accent. She is in London playing the generally memorable role of a perennial spinster, but it is not Bridget Jones’ Diary—the film is Chris Noonan’s heartfelt tale... Continue Reading →

Romance of the Past: Somewhere in Time

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY RACHEL SEXTON With the rush of our everyday lives continuing nonstop around us, it can be easy, especially as an audience, to view the distant past as a simpler, better time. Most bygone eras can evoke a tendency to see them through rose-colored glasses and filmmakers take full advantage of... Continue Reading →

Redeeming Love: Matthew & Mary Crawley

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY CHARITY BISHOP From first impression to last, Mary Crawley equally attracts and frustrates us. She appears to be cold and withdrawn, uncertain of her own emotions and of what is expected of her, and utterly unworthy of the love of her cousin Matthew, whose charm and selflessness stand out in... Continue Reading →

From the Editor

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY CHARITY BISHOP One hundred years have passed since the RMS Titanic sank into the sea, changing the face of history forever. I was fourteen when James Cameron’s film came out and not permitted to see it, but nevertheless it spurred in me a fascination for all things pertaining to the... Continue Reading →

A Child Hero’s Journey: Oliver Twist

JAN / FEB 2012: BY RACHEL SEXTON “Surprises, like misfortunes, seldom come alone.” Good authors manage to set themselves apart from other writers with a unique voice in their work that becomes a trademark of their style. It may be a certain tone to the narration, a distinct setting, or a preference for a specific... Continue Reading →

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