Good Samaritans: The Characters of Bleak House

JAN / FEB 2012: BY ELLA G.  “True godliness does not turn men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it.” —William Penn Most people desire to be a Good Samaritan. There is something compelling about helping a fellow human being in distress and doing our best to make a life... Continue Reading →


A Writer’s Friends: Lives Touched by Dickens

JAN / FEB 2012: BY By ELIZA GABE Little tidbits about authors that Dickens knew or met are the least I can do for this column. Hey, this format was good enough for Dickens’s novels “He would take as much pains about the hanging of a picture, the choosing of furniture, the superintending any little... Continue Reading →

A New Miss Havisham: The Jasper Fforde novels

JAN / FEB 2012: BY TRYNTSJE CUPERUS  “What is beauty?” “A destroyer.” “What is happiness?” “Deception.” “What is love?” “Death.” Dickens was a master at creating characters. We can easily identify with many of them and know some of his more eccentric figures by name, such as Mr. Pecksniff, Miss Trotwood or Edmund Sparkler. One... Continue Reading →

Consequences of Sin: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

JAN / FEB 2012: BY CHARITY BISHOP “Evil is always possible, and goodness is eternally difficult.” —Anne Rice When Dickens breathed his last he left his final novel unfinished. The Mystery of Edwin Drood has haunted readers ever since, a story of desperation, madness and murderous obsession. If nothing else, Dickens is known for his... Continue Reading →

Dwelling on Boredom: Eugene Wrayburn

JAN / FEB 2012: BY Lianne M. Bernardo “Show me a good opportunity, show me something really worth being energetic about, and I’ll show you energy.” Although these words were not said by Eugene Wrayburn, it very much encapsulates the whole of his character. When we are first introduced to him in Our Mutual Friend,... Continue Reading →

From the Editor

When I chose Charles Dickens for this theme in honor of his bicentennial (200th birthday) my mother (and under-paid, under-appreciated proof reader) groaned. Dickens is not her favorite thing in the world (that would be chocolate) but I think the contents of this issue just may win her over. Yes, Dickens can be long. He... Continue Reading →

Identity Crisis

NOV / DEC 2011: BY CARISSA HORTON Imagine going to bed as one person and waking up as someone completely different. That other person could be a bartender, a drug addict, a financial officer, or even a mafia thug. In the case of D.I. John Bloom in the recent British police drama Identity, it’s the... Continue Reading →

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