Inspector Lewis

NOV / DEC 2011: BY HANNAH KINGSLEY The British have a different way of going about solving mysteries than Americans. At least, that seems to be true in the case of the Masterpiece Mystery series Inspector Lewis, a show that features scholar-like detectives rather than an American brand of hardened crime fighters. While some mystery-unraveling... Continue Reading →


Creating the Myth of Holmes

NOV / DEC 2011: BY KATHARINE TAYLOR A tall, dark-haired man with a thin, prominent nose sits sunk in an easy chair gazing intently over his steepled fingers. Who is this man? It’s Sherlock Holmes, and if you happen to notice a plaid cape and a deerstalker cap hanging by the door, you should have... Continue Reading →

The Girl with a Clue

NOV / DEC 2011: BY CAITLIN HORTON Long before the advent of computers, DVD’s, VHS, and Television, a girl sleuth mesmerized the world. She was not the flashiest personality around, she didn’t drive expensive cars or takes trips to Europe, but nonetheless she inspired three generations of women. She is now a charming old doll... Continue Reading →

NCIS: Unknown Rules of Law

NOV / DEC 2011: BY RISSI C. For some reason or another, a mysterious phenomenon draws us. Perhaps it is because it is so unlike our daily lives or maybe the explanation is as simple as our enjoyment in solving a puzzle but there must be a reason why we pour over the headlines of... Continue Reading →

Setting the Standard

NOV / DEC 2011: BY MICHELE J. SAMUELSON In retrospect, it doesn’t seem likely a character like Special Agent Dana Scully could not only appear onscreen but also flourish and set a standard for the portrayal of strong women in a male-dominated genre. A scientist and skeptic, faced every week by increasingly outlandish fantasy villains... Continue Reading →

Ask Lydia: Love Can Be Murder

NOV / DEC 2011: BY LYDIA M. Dear Ma’am, There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: psychopaths and mystery writers. I’m the kind that pays better. I figured as a fellow writer you would understand the need of every writer for a muse. I found the perfect... Continue Reading →

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