The Time Capsule

Today is not someday August 2019. Today you have time traveled back to a pivotal event in world history: Sunday, September 3rd, 1939. You are sitting in your comfy armchair, your slippered feet propped up on a moquette covered footstool, and hearing these chilling words from Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as you tune into your... Continue Reading →

The Strange Affair of Fairy-Kind

Every morning I bet you wake up and think, “Today I will contemplate the Napoleonic Wars and the many ways they could have been won or lost.” Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. Even I, a History Major, admit I never gave old Bonaparte more than a passing glance when I was poring over history... Continue Reading →

Repeat, Terminator, All Men Must Die

MAY / JUNE 2015: BY CAITLIN HORTON Can you imagine that from your first breath on earth you are told you will one day save mankind? Not only that, you will live through a nuclear war and fight apocalyptic assassin robots bent on annihilating the human race? Yeah, sure. Right. No kid is going to... Continue Reading →

Adrift No Longer: Shipwrecked

JAN / FEB 2015: BY CAITLIN HORTON Once upon a time there was a boy who went to sea. His name was Håkon Håkonsen and he was from Norway, the land of majestic fjords, deep forests, and ancient charm. He went to sea, for who knows why, but being a good boy, he quickly worked... Continue Reading →

Louder Than Words: Indiana Jones

NOV / DEC 2014: BY CAITLIN HORTON You know that old saying “It takes a village to raise a child”? Well, that is probably true for some people, but not the family I have in mind. In fact, in three generations of this particular line it only takes one parent who will have maximum impact... Continue Reading →

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