True Hero: Quest for Camelot

King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table, Camelot, Excalibur… These episodes from English history are steeped in legends. But what do we really know about them? Camelot is a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur. The Round Table is King Arthur’s famed board, around which he and his knights congregated. As its... Continue Reading →

King Arthur: Eternal Legend

JULY / AUG 2015: BY MARIANNA KAPLUN “May God grant us the wisdom to discover right, the will to choose it, and the strength to make it endure.” Arthur was the famous king of England of the late 5th and early 6th centuries. He lived such a long time ago that we know very little... Continue Reading →

King Arthur: The Eve of Battle

MARCH / APRIL 2013: BY LAURA F. It was unnatural, Lancelot had decided long ago, to be tied to a land not one’s own, to be forced to serve any master but oneself. For fifteen years, he’d chafed in service to the Romans, fighting their wars alongside his compatriots, rendering unto Caesar the service their... Continue Reading →

A Taste for the Forbidden

JAN / FEB 2013: BY TASHA BRANDSTATTER Nothing’s more tempting than what you can’t have… just ask Lancelot and Guinevere, whose tale of forbidden love continues to inspire artists, writers, and filmmakers after nearly a millennium. But why does this tale of a married woman and a valiant (occasionally crazy) knight hold so much fascination... Continue Reading →


MAY / JUNE 2011: BY LYDIA WATSON One legend has intrigued people for generations: the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have been told in many different ways over the years from an animated version about a clumsy boy discovering his true purpose to the heartbreak of a King finding... Continue Reading →

The Wizard Who Saved Camelot

MAY / JUNE 2011: BY ESTHER ARCHER The new series Camelot creates a storyline different to what we know of the legend of King Arthur. It begins with him as the child of peasants, naive and innocent to what has happened to the Kingdom until one day Merlin arrives and declares that the King, Uther... Continue Reading →

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