The Dumb Bunny and the Clever Fox

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY CARISSA HORTON Zootopia. You’ve all heard of it, some of you have seen it. Maybe you’ve seen it and don’t even have kids. I fall into that particular category myself. Guess what? It’s the most socially impactful movie of 2016 to date. You heard me right. Zootopia is a little... Continue Reading →

Risen: Dare to Ask the Questions…

MARCH / APRIL 2016: BY CARISSA HORTON Genuine faith is born from asking the hard questions… from doing the research yourself, not just accepting what you're told. You might almost call it trial by fire because sometimes coming to faith in Christ means walking away from a lifestyle you once held. Not just because it... Continue Reading →

East of Eden: Being Good or Bad

JAN / FEB 2016: BY CARISSA HORTON Director Elia Kazen had the magic touch in 1950s Hollywood, even with the “red scare” of communism that threatened to knock him out of play. So many brilliant, award-winning films were brought to life at his hand: On the Waterfront, Baby Doll, Splendor in the Grass, A Streetcar... Continue Reading →

Comedy & Cagney

JAN / FEB 2016: BY CARISSA HORTON Comedy is not the first thing you think of when you hear the name James Cagney. At least I don’t. Gangster films, definitely, but comedy, nope. Which is what makes his few stints in comedic roles such gems! For the sake of space, I’m focusing only on three,... Continue Reading →

When it’s Ajar, Don’t Open That Door

SEPT / OCT 2015: BY CARISSA HORTON In Teen Wolf, there's a lot of comedy, darkness, maiming, and smooching going on, per the norm. There’s also the predictable hero who does just about everything right and the goofy sidekick who people either love or hate. In this case, the latter is Stiles, best friend to... Continue Reading →

Chasing Forbidden Fruit

The Life of Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert JULY / AUG 2015: BY CARISSA HORTON The world of Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe is one of heroic knights, fair damsels, noble deeds and foul villainy. A world where two cultures, that of the Christian and that of the Jew, clash violently.  It is also the tale of... Continue Reading →

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