Ophelia: Hamlet through a Female Lens

I like stories told from the woman’s perspective, especially if they shed insight into a familiar story. So when I found out they were filming Ophelia, the story of Hamlet, but with some changes, I was so impatient to see it I rented it the morning of its streaming release. Shakespeare has never been one... Continue Reading →

The Founding Fathers: Imperfect Heroes

America has always been a dream its citizens strive for, more than a reality. The ideals behind her are good ones (liberty and the right to pursue happiness!). And although she has never been (and never will be) perfect because of the flawed people who call her home, that doesn’t really matter. She is still... Continue Reading →

One Family, Lost in Space

I cannot think of anything worse than the idea of being trapped inside a ship, lost in space. Surrounded by a hostile ‘void’ without oxygen, and your own slowly being used up by breathing and talking. And yet, time after time, movies and television shows take us there, to the edges of the galaxy and... Continue Reading →

It Runs in the Family: Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods follows a family of New York cops as they face the difficulties of political and social issues, criminal activities, and… teaching their teenagers how to drive. Each episode features at least one scene of this close-knit Catholic family seated around the dinner table, talking out the week’s activities and receiving wisdom from one... Continue Reading →

And Then There Were None

Have you ever watched something and hated it? Sat on it for two days, watched it again, and loved it? That happened to me with And Then There Were None, a recent miniseries based on Agatha Christie’s standalone novel about a string of unsolved murders on a remote island. The setting is sinister, and the... Continue Reading →

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