A Larger Awakening: The Subtext of Black Panther

The deeper social and political messages of the recent blockbuster.


“Blessed are they who have not seen”: A Personal Meditation on Faith

MARCH / APRIL 2017: BY JESSICA PRESCOTT Faith. It’s a tricky thing, is it not? Simply put, faith is the act of believing in that which we cannot see.  If we could see God in all his glory, right before our mortal eyes—faith would instantly become a superfluous virtue.  A moot point.  After all, when... Continue Reading →

The Young Messiah

MARCH / APRIL 2017: BY CHARITY BISHOP Have you ever wondered what Jesus was like as a child? How he felt about leaving Alexandria, a great city of intellectual learning and trade, for a Judea under Roman occupation? He went from a philosophical environment to crucifixions, and although John tells us in scripture that Jesus... Continue Reading →

Brutal Christianity: Alfred the Great

MARCH / APRIL 2017: BY CHARITY BISHOP In the second episode of the BBC’s The Last Kingdom, based on Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling Saxon Stories book series, Alfred the Great turns to his priest, Beocca, and asks whether they ought to spread God’s love to the pagans or kill them. Beocca pauses, considers, and says he... Continue Reading →

Bethany Hamilton: Woman of Faith

MARCH / APRIL 2017: BY JESSICA SANTULLI On October 31, 2003, a horrific event happened off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii. No, it wasn’t a Halloween prank gone wrong; the occurrence had nothing to do with the ghost- and goblin-filled holiday. Thirteen-year-old Bethany Hamilton, an up-and-coming professional surfer, was waiting for the next wave with... Continue Reading →

The God You Serve

MARCH / APRIL 2016: BY CHARITY BISHOP In the eyes of many Game of Thrones fans, the cold, hard Stannis Baratheon had one redeeming quality: his love for his daughter, Shireen. He protected her from his fanatical wife, went to great lengths to stop the progression of her disease (turning her to stone), and shared... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Literary Man

SEPT / OCT 2011: BY ELIZA GABE Today, I’m afraid this is more than just an invitation to the past. I’m going to break the rules and invite you to the future. Can I do that? I hope so! Dr. Lockridge once stated in a sermon that a certain man was the loftiest in literature.... Continue Reading →

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