Jane Austen, Unrelatable? As If!

When Autumn de Wilde’s adaptation of Emma came out in 2020, several of my friends noted to me, “This is the same plot as Clueless!” I’ve earned a reputation among my friend group as the resident Jane Austen fan, and most of my attempts to persuade them classics are cool got dismissed. We were in... Continue Reading →

Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight Trilogy: A Conflicted Hero for the Superhero Cinema Era

I remember the summer of 2012 with great fondness—it was early in the current era of superhero films, when The Avengers was a risk that paid off (there were how many superheroes in one film?), Andrew Garfield debuted as the second live-action incarnation of Spider-Man, and the frontier of superhero cinema was still largely unexplored... Continue Reading →

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