All of Time and Space: The Escapism of Doctor Who

Escape. That word has been on everyone’s mind lately, after a year of Pandemic Life and political unrest. One way or another, we long to escape. For some people, escapism looks like The Great British Baking Show, nostalgic 90s rom-coms, or even gritty police procedurals, bringing the bad guys to justice every week like clockwork.... Continue Reading →

Amy & Rory: The Afterword

MAY / JUNE 2015: BY ELORA SHORE the idea of an extension of the self is one of the oldest stories out there—if not the oldest one. It ties into the greatest friendships, friendships that sometimes become more, and the bond of friends turned family. The strongest element of Doctor Who is the fact that... Continue Reading →

Best Mates: The Doctor and Donna

JULY / AUG 2013: BY LIANNE M. BERNARDO “I just want a mate.” “You just want to mate?” “I just want a mate!” “You’re not mating with me, sunshine!” “A mate! I want a mate!” “Well, just as well, ‘cos I’m not having any of that nonsense!” With conversations like these, there’s no doubt the... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who / Hogfather: Midnight Visitor

MARCH / APRIL 2013: BY CHARITY BISHOP She heard was a peculiar sort of “wump-wump!” “Susan!” A face peeked around the edge of the door. “There’s a monster in the basement again!” Thump! Her book snapped shut, and high heeled boots hit the floor. “Go back to bed!” Susan shooed the children into their room... Continue Reading →

The Ineffable Amy Pond: Companion to Eleven

JULY / AUG 2012: BY HANNAH KINGSLEY Science fiction  is not for everyone but the TV-series Doctor Who captures a wider audience than typical out-of-this-world fare. The current BBC-produced series combines time-travel, British-isms, and a fun, young cast of actors including Matt Smith as the eleventh doctor, Arthur Darvill as Rory, and Karen Gillian as... Continue Reading →

Solving the Mystery

NOV / DEC 2011: BY LYDIA WATSON Agatha Christie is not only considered one of the greatest mystery authors of all time, she is also the bestselling novelist of all time. With classic titles like Murder on the Orient Express and such unlikely detectives as Miss Marple, Agatha Christie still captures the imaginations, hearts, and... Continue Reading →

Battling Sci-Fi Nazis

JULY / AUG 2011: BY CHARITY BISHOP Ever since the first issue of Captain America came out showing the hero punching Hitler in the jaw, sci-fi and WWII have been linked. From Doctor Who saving a Blitz-torn London from Daleks to the exploits of Indiana Jones, many heroes have been face to face with history’s... Continue Reading →

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