A Village That Transcends Time

NOV / DEC 2017: BY MARIANNA KAPLUN Far, far away in Britain there is a beautiful place called Gretna Green. This small village in the south of Scotland famous for its runaway weddings and romantic wedding traditions dating back over centuries, which originated from cross-border elopements stemming from differences between Scottish marriage laws and those... Continue Reading →

The Crawley Family: Downton Abbey

NOV / DEC 2014: BY ROSIE WILSON If there’s one PBS show we all know and love, it is Downton Abbey. Somehow, all the classic period dramas hail from across the pond, but we don’t mind. In fact, it would be difficult for me to find another fictional family from that era that I might... Continue Reading →

Edith Crawley: Ask Lydia

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY LYDIA M. Everyone always seems to expect growing up with sisters to be like Little Women, all sweet games and playing in the attic. I do believe Mama was hoping it would be like that as she read it to us several times as girls. Subtlety is not one of... Continue Reading →

A Modern Woman: Sybil Crawley

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY HANNAH KINGSLEY There are several kinds of female characters in books and movies, perhaps more reflective of real women than we would like to admit. Some fall into the damsels in distress category, women ever in need of rescue. There are also “tomboys” who shy away from womanly pursuits such... Continue Reading →

Redeeming Love: Matthew & Mary Crawley

MARCH / APRIL 2012: BY CHARITY BISHOP From first impression to last, Mary Crawley equally attracts and frustrates us. She appears to be cold and withdrawn, uncertain of her own emotions and of what is expected of her, and utterly unworthy of the love of her cousin Matthew, whose charm and selflessness stand out in... Continue Reading →

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