Not Another Vampire Movie: Dracula Untold

There’s no sense retelling a story if you’re just going to tell it the same way it’s been told before, is there? Remakes and retellings and reimaginings are everywhere right now. On a whole, I’m a fan. I love seeing a classic story or legend given a new setting or a new twist. To me,... Continue Reading →

Love Never Dies: Dracula

HALLOWEEN 2014: BY MARIANNA KAPLUN From Murnau's Nosferatu in 1922 to Dracula Untold in 2014 the immortal Count has been captured on the big screen more than any other fictional character. Dracula is a unique horror masterpiece and the most famous of all vampire tales. The author of the novel was Irish novelist and short... Continue Reading →

From the Editor: Monsters & Madness

Recently, I eagerly delved into a collection of Victorian vampire stories (in book form, under the title Dracula’s Guest). From the mystical to the mysterious, poetic and somber, in that sordid little collection of ghostly tales, vampires walked abroad, seduced the living, and spun haunting tales. Many were by English writers but some were translated... Continue Reading →

Our Obsession with Vampires

HALLOWEEN 2011: BY CHARITY BISHOP Our culture is fascinated by the undead, but it is not a new obsession. Early interest in vampires began in the 1800’s and a French author wrote Carmilla, the first full length novel. Then Bram Stoker’s Dracula hit the presses, a startling tale of evil but also a symbolic reflection... Continue Reading →

Dracula’s Memoirs

HALLOWEEN 2011: BY CARISSA HORTON As much as I despise the provincial term “a dark and stormy night,” the evening could be justly described as very little else when I first stepped from the carriage to attend a dinner given in my honor. Such a foolish man, Dr. Seward, always chomping away with those annoying... Continue Reading →

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