March / April 2018: Super Heroes

Iconic comic book characters come alive on the big screen in our current issue.


Femnista Nov / Dec 2017: Past & Present

Some stories transcend time, and capture our hearts across generations. In the 1980s, the film Somewhere in Time popularized a romance across different eras. The haunting Time Traveler's Wife has enchanted more modern audiences, as does Outlander. From a time-traveling car to a Police Phone Box (with its famous two-hearted alien occupant)... the idea of... Continue Reading →

Halloween 2017: The Victorian Era

The public knows no era better for ghost stories, vampire fiction, and superstition than the Victorian era. The arrival of science began to dispel old myths, but many authors clung to the "old ways" through an upturn in Gothic Fiction, and the Victorian era also produced many of the most popular classic novelists. Dickens took... Continue Reading →

Femnista May / June 2017: Exotic Nights

MAY / JUNE 2017: BY CHARITY BISHOP Ancient civilizations found Asia, Egypt, and the Middle East “exotic.” They imported its spices, sought its elephants, tried to settle its wilds, and conquered much of it, but even today, when most of its mysteries are known, that part of the world continues to mystify, intrigue, and inspire... Continue Reading →

From the Editor: Ancient Times

MARCH / APRIL 2015: BY CHARITY BISHOP Ancient History is full of incredible stories … Greece has many myths, the Romans their centuries of triumph and devastation, and Jews have the oldest lineage and timeline in history. From demi-gods to Yahweh, the burning of Rome to Abraham, generations have read these tales with wonder, adapting... Continue Reading →

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