Always: Severus Snape and the Appeal of the Anti-Hero

SEPT / OCT 2015: BY RACHEL SEXTON The idea of the extraordinary existing in our ordinary world has always had a pull on the human imagination. When magic is placed in the “real world,” we find it relatable and intriguing—probably due to a bit of wish fulfillment on the part of the audience. A magical... Continue Reading →

A Monster in Pink

SEPT / OCT 2013: BY CAROL STARKEY Lord Acton first said, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Professor Umbridge of the Harry Potter series presents an excellent example for that phrase. We first meet her when Harry is brought before the High Court. Though toad-like in her appearance, her honeyed voice masks... Continue Reading →

The Golden Trio: Harry, Hermione and Ron

JULY / AUG 2013: BY RACHEL SEXTON Friendship is a conspicuous element of a lot of children’s and young adult literature. Given the fact that social development is an important part of maturing into an adult, this is hardly surprising. If readers are lucky, they'll get entertaining and realistic portraits of friendships. One particular pop... Continue Reading →

Just Like Magic

MAY / JUNE 2013: BY CHARITY BISHOP According to British author J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter was an idea floating on a train. She certainly didn’t expect her series about a boy wizard to become a phenomenon but after reading the books, it’s not difficult to see why it’s become the best-selling series of the 21st... Continue Reading →

Modern Heroines: Hermione, Bella, and Katniss

MAY / JUNE 2012: BY CHARITY BISHOP WOMEN IN FICTION have changed over time to reflect society. In modern times our heroines reflect three different aspects of femininity: Hermione the scholar, Bella the homemaker, and Katniss the warrior. The most prominent writer of strong females in fiction is J.K. Rowling. Her books feature an assortment... Continue Reading →

The Greatest of These is Love

HALLOWEEN 2011: BY CHARITY BISHOP Attempting to describe my affection for the Harry Potter book series is impossible; the mark it has left on me is undeniable and I am a different person today because of it. Though there are many powerful messages in its pages, the strongest is love in all forms … friendships... Continue Reading →

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