Lady Susan

Like heroes, villains come in all shapes and sizes. However, not all villains desire world domination or commit evil against humanity. Some villains wreak havoc on ordinary lives. Some villains are the protagonist of the story. Jane Austen is best known for her moral novels of social satire/comedy of manners. When you pick up an... Continue Reading →

Jane Austen, Unrelatable? As If!

When Autumn de Wilde’s adaptation of Emma came out in 2020, several of my friends noted to me, “This is the same plot as Clueless!” I’ve earned a reputation among my friend group as the resident Jane Austen fan, and most of my attempts to persuade them classics are cool got dismissed. We were in... Continue Reading →

A Village That Transcends Time

NOV / DEC 2017: BY MARIANNA KAPLUN Far, far away in Britain there is a beautiful place called Gretna Green. This small village in the south of Scotland famous for its runaway weddings and romantic wedding traditions dating back over centuries, which originated from cross-border elopements stemming from differences between Scottish marriage laws and those... Continue Reading →

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