Best Mates: The Doctor and Donna

JULY / AUG 2013: BY LIANNE M. BERNARDO “I just want a mate.” “You just want to mate?” “I just want a mate!” “You’re not mating with me, sunshine!” “A mate! I want a mate!” “Well, just as well, ‘cos I’m not having any of that nonsense!” With conversations like these, there’s no doubt the... Continue Reading →

A Hospital Romance

JAN / FEB 2013: BY LIANNE M. BERNARDO The London Hospital at the turn of the 20th Century was at the frontline of cutting-edge medical equipment and practices, facing the major illnesses of the day and the poverty of the East End. This is the setting where the television show Casualty 1900s (or London Hospital)... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of Rohan: Éomer

NOV / DEC 2012: BY LIANNE M. BERNARDO Rohan is populated by a fierce and courageous people whose culture is rich and vibrant. Éomer, nephew of King Théoden and brother of Éowyn, reflects the fighting spirit of the Rohirrim. While he’s a brave and skilled warrior on the battlefield, he’s also loyal and caring, values... Continue Reading →

Trials & Tribulations: The King’s Speech

SEPT / OCT 2012: BY LIANNE M. BERNARDO The British monarchy has its share of personalities. Some monarchs raised their throne to unprecedented power; others took it too far. A few have the misfortune of being crowned at a time of great strife. George VI became king during a precarious period in the 20 Century.... Continue Reading →

Love and Death: The Symbolism of The Fountain

JULY / AUG 2012: BY LIANNE M. BERNARDO Every day we are preoccupied by a myriad of different thoughts, ideas, issues, obstacles and concerns, pulling us one direction or the other. Some of these feelings and concerns affect us more than others, such as love and death. They essentially describe what Darren Aronofsky’s 2006 movie... Continue Reading →

Dwelling on Boredom: Eugene Wrayburn

JAN / FEB 2012: BY Lianne M. Bernardo “Show me a good opportunity, show me something really worth being energetic about, and I’ll show you energy.” Although these words were not said by Eugene Wrayburn, it very much encapsulates the whole of his character. When we are first introduced to him in Our Mutual Friend,... Continue Reading →

The Many Emotions of Captain Frederick Wentworth

SEPT / OCT 2011: BY LIANNE M. BERNARDO He was at the time a remarkably fine young man... full of life and ardour... headstrong.” This is how Jane Austen first describes Frederick Wentworth in Persuasion. Young, confident and smart, Wentworth is one of Jane Austen’s most charming and energetic heroes... and perhaps her most emotional... Continue Reading →

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