How to Become a Dreamer: The Princess and the Frog

1912. Louisiana. New Orleans. Aspiring chef Tiana meets Naveen, Prince of Maldonia, and they begin an exciting adventure together. Or will they wind up croaking together in the same swamp? What does the era of jazz and foxtrot have in common with the old German fairy tale about the Frog Prince? A lot, thanks to... Continue Reading →

True Hero: Quest for Camelot

King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table, Camelot, Excalibur… These episodes from English history are steeped in legends. But what do we really know about them? Camelot is a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur. The Round Table is King Arthur’s famed board, around which he and his knights congregated. As its... Continue Reading →

The Dark Prince

He lost everything in one night… his mother, brother, and father’s support. All that’s left was a memory of thorns that saved young prince of Ancrath from death, but forever robbed him of everything else. He’ll become a prince, then king, and finally the emperor of thorns. But at the end he’ll meet with his... Continue Reading →

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