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Over the Rainbow

During the Great Depression and WWII, the American people flooded to the cinema. For a few hours, a movie could take them away from their troubles, transporting them some place enchanted, where there was no economic depression or war. Love, endurance, and goodness always triumphed. 1938 saw the production of the Technicolor musical The Wizard of Oz. Home, love, and overcoming adversities were a few of the overarching themes. The magical adventure of Dorothy Gale and her friends fighting against The Wicked Witch and searching for their heart’s desires struck a chord with audiences. The songs in the movie are memorable, but one stands out from all the others. And eighty years later, the song “Over the Rainbow” continues to touch lives.

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Words, Word, Words! My Fair Lady



My mom introduced me to the 1964 musical film My Fair Lady when I was eleven years old, via our old Beta player. The movie had always been one of her favorites, and she had a feeling that I would love it too.

She was right. From the first time I saw it—the first of many, many times—I wanted to live in the world of that movie. I was entranced by everything: the music, the performances, the costumes, even the sets. (To this day, Professor Higgins’s house full of overflowing bookshelves is my idea of the perfect house.) But most of all, I think, I was entranced by the words. Continue reading