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Nathaniel Hawthorne in The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne is one of my favorite authors. His blatant use of symbols and clear messages about life through his stories is refreshing since, being an English major, my professors often tasked me with finding “deeper meanings” in texts. The back of my mind always wondering, “Does there have to be a deeper meaning?”

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A View on Sin: The Scarlet Letter



Sin is a heavy-handed word, bearing the load of all sorts of wrongdoing and evil connotations. A sin can be seen as the smallest mistake in human eyes, or the most horrendous travesty ever done.

The word has a negative and impacting ring to it, because it’s a word of great significant proportions. It’s the reason for all the unhappiness, evil and tragedy in the world, the reason for God having to send His only Son into the world to die for us, why we need forgiveness, and the reason for man’s ultimate downfall, from the Garden of Eden to the end of the world as we know it. You see, sin isn’t  just a word Christians use in place of the world’s preferred uses of “mistake,” “mishap,” or “misstep.” These words do more than just dumb down the meaning of sin, they also make it seem that it is something we can correct on our own. Continue reading

Who Wore the Scarlet Letter?



Adultery is a sin that spreads its roots into many lives. If a pastor commits adultery he brings this sin upon the community at-large, himself, the woman, a child (if formed), the families, the church and God. In a pastor, one hopes she can trust her soul to be cared for as a shepherd tends his flock, to find a man who is responsible, gentle, fatherly, protective and providing. Young Hester Pyrnne (married to an elderly man but alone in a small early American community) is drawn to the Oxford-trained minister, Rev. Dimmesdale… a flaming hypocrite! Continue reading