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Asking Deep, Irreverent Questions: Good Omens

Once, a friend paid me a compliment. He said, “You are the most devout ‘irreverent’ person I have ever met.” Okay, maybe it wasn’t a compliment. It was a perplexed, worried statement. I thanked him anyway. As a girl who loves to approach life with humor, even the “serious bits,” as author Terry Pratchett would call them, it’s no surprise I would love the series Good Omens.

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Beauty of the Fantastical: Stardust



There is something  undeniably fascinating about fairytales. Are we drawn to them because of the fact that there is a world in our own minds that we can create and shape to our liking? Fairytales present us with the notion that, in our imaginations, there are worlds unexplored and unexplainable. Worlds where adventures are possible, heroes are real and love is perfected.

The world we are introduced to in Stardust is both mysterious and beautiful. Scattered with pirates, kings, witches, fair maidens, knights and heroes is a young man who sets out on a quest to win the heart of a fair maiden. Sound like your typical fairytale? Definitely. One of the lines that stood out to me in the movie is, “What do stars do? They shine.” To me, fairytales have always been a bit like the stars. Perhaps it’s the way they display that small, brilliant bit of light in the vast darkness of the endless, sky—that flickering beauty. Or maybe we are drawn to the mystery of the unknown, the fantastical. Fairytales remind us the world is bigger then what we can see with the naked eye; it is bigger then just us. Continue reading