A Village That Transcends Time

NOV / DEC 2017: BY MARIANNA KAPLUN Far, far away in Britain there is a beautiful place called Gretna Green. This small village in the south of Scotland famous for its runaway weddings and romantic wedding traditions dating back over centuries, which originated from cross-border elopements stemming from differences between Scottish marriage laws and those... Continue Reading →


A Conversation with Lydia Bennet

NOV / DEC 2014: BY HANNAH PRICE the following is an excerpt from my interview with Miss Catherine Bennet (known by her friends and closet relations as Kitty). Naturally, no recorders were present at the interview as they had not yet been invented in the 1810’s, so what follows is my best recollection of the... Continue Reading →

Merely Misunderstood: Mr. Darcy

SEPT / OCT 2011: BY ELLA G. It is a fact universally acknowledged that first impressions matter more than any of us would like to admit. A person’s physical appearance, their social standing, their behavior and mannerisms are apt to be noticed far more quickly and easily than their innermost thoughts or psychological makeup. Because... Continue Reading →

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