The Mandalorian: Cowboys in Outer Space

Somehow, I wasn’t expecting to love The Mandalorian. Sure, people told me it was a space western. But I’d heard that a lot of times about a lot of things, and only sometimes did what people called a “space western” really feel like one to me. So, I was skeptical. The space western. It’s not... Continue Reading →

Escaping Injustice: The Fugitive

All my life, I’ve felt drawn to stories about people unjustly thrown in jail who then escape. This may have started with the 1973 animated version of Robin Hood and the big jail break section where Robin Hood and Little John break all the other animals out of Prince John’s prison, where they’re being held because they... Continue Reading →

“Falling Snow” by Skye Hoffert

What if Snow White wasn't a princess? What if she had no royal heritage, no famous or important parents, no special lineage, nothing remarkable about her at all... except WHO she IS? She, herself, deep inside. The person she is, with her own talents and shortcomings, hopes and dreams, fears and failings. What if she... Continue Reading →

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