The Origins of Robin Hood

Where did the tales originate and how has time evolved them over the centuries?


The Many Flavors of Robin Hood

JULY / AUG 2015: BY RACHEL KOVACINY One of the things I like best about Robin Hood is how many flavors he comes in. Sweet Robin Hood. Dark Robin Hood. Zesty Robin Hood. Whatever you're craving, there's a Robin Hood for you! Say you want your Robin Hood sweet and light, but not too sugary.... Continue Reading →

A Laughing Hero: Robin Hood

JAN / FEB 2015: BY MARISSA BAKER There's only one fictional character that I've loved equally as a child and an adult. Robin Hood first captured my imagination as a lovable fox in the animated Disney film, and I very nearly wore out our local library's VHS copy before it earned a well-deserved rest when... Continue Reading →

Robin Hood: Much Thoughts

MARCH / APRIL 2013: BY CAMILLE GAFFNEY The early morning chill nipped at Much’s ears as he lay bundled in his tattered burlap sheet. He’d folded it lengthwise the previous evening, hoping the majority of the holes in the upper right hand corner would be covered by duplicating the fabric. He lay restless, cocooned between... Continue Reading →

Robin Hood: The People’s Hero

SEPT / OCT 2011: BY CARISSA HORTON This man laughs regularly, doesn’t react negatively when he’s bested by a friend in a game, defends a maiden’s honor, and wears green. Or, at least, he’s rumored to wear green! Sound familiar? You would be right in guessing Robin Hood! Yes, that heroic thief of women’s hearts... Continue Reading →

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