Haunted by the Hound

HALLOWEEN 2017: BY RACHEL KOVACINY I can still remember the first time I read an entire, unabridged Sherlock Holmes adventure. I must have been about thirteen and knew I loved mysteries. I'd been devouring books about Trixie Belden and the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew for years, and my appetite for fictional crime-solving adventures just... Continue Reading →

The Modern Sherlock Holmes

JAN / FEB 2016: BY CHARITY BISHOP Few literary figures are better known or loved than Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s consulting sleuth, occupant of 221B Baker Street. Since his first literary appearance in 1889, he continues to capture the devotion of millions through short stories, novels, radio plays, television series, and films. And... Continue Reading →

Brother Dear, Brother Mine: Sherlock

NOV / DEC 2014: BY CHARITY BISHOP I’ve adored Sherlock Holmes since childhood. I marveled at his genius and thought no one could top him… until I met his big brother, Mycroft, “even more brilliant” than Sherlock, but so lazy he never sets foot outside his club. Instead, he “occupies a minor position in the... Continue Reading →

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