England’s Scandalous Marriages

MAY / JUNE 2016: BY CHARITY BISHOP History has no end of scandals and forbidden marriages. In a few cases, cross-cultural or status-challenging relationships changed entire nations. One such romance involved the War of the Roses. The Lancastrian King Henry VI was mad. The York King Edward unseated him. In an unstable new reign, Edward... Continue Reading →

The Myth of Bloody Mary

NOV / DEC 2015: BY CHARITY BISHOP How much of history can we trust? Asking that question leads to a disquieting silence, because if we begin to question established history, it unravels. The truth is, we can accept nothing and must question the motives and sources for everything that is established as fact. In doing... Continue Reading →

The Red Queen: Margaret Beaufort

MAY / JUNE 2014: BY TRYNTSJE CUPERUS When I watched the miniseries The White Queen last year, Lady Margaret Beaufort appealed to me. She’s interesting—strong, intelligent, deeply devoted to her son and faith, but also unpitying and willing to go to great lengths to get what she wants. It made me curious to explore the... Continue Reading →

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