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Remaking Romance: Tristan and Isolde

A common complaint lodged against Hollywood is that it has no new stories. This is understandable, but it neglects to consider that certain narratives are timeless. They can appear with different external details but will always keep that impact on audiences which can be lasting. A story that is particularly effective at this is the romantic tragedy, and one such tale is about Tristan and Isolde. The different versions of Tristan and Isolde shows how reinterpretation can manifest itself across various mediums. Continue reading


Tristan & Isolde



Mythological romanticism is woven throughout the tales, legends, and songs of the middle ages, from courtly knights and fair maidens to love spells and other magical enchantments intended to remove free will.

These themes carried on into later years, and heavily influenced the thinking of the reigning monarchs. King Henry VIII continued to show an obsession for the themes of courtly love and romanticism, for Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and the idea of rescuing fair maidens in the tower, up until the 1500s. It was not uncommon for kings of the middle ages and later periods to adopt these legends as their own, in an attempt to connect to the mythology of the past. Continue reading