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The Russian Revolution

While the Russian Revolution technically began in March 1917,  it comprised two rebellions. The seeds of the revolt had been taking root for decades and to understand how and why it happened, one must take a quick glimpse at Russian history. Continue reading


Tsar Nicholas Romanov II



I have a firm, an absolute conviction that the fate of Russia—that my own fate and that of my family—is in the hands of God who has placed me where I am. Whatever may happen to me, I shall bow to His will with the consciousness of never having had any thought other than that of serving the country which He has entrusted to me.”- Tsar Nicholas II.

Tsar Nicholas Romanov II is best remembered as the last tsar of the Russian Empire. He was the one who led his country in the Great War, commanded the troops, was forced to abdicate the throne for himself and his son, and along with his family was exiled to Siberia where he, his wife and five children were executed by the Bolsheviks. For decades there were rumors that he or one of his family members escaped the firing squad and lived the remainder of their days in hiding. He is criticized for being a weak ruler; a monarch who lived in luxury while his people starved, and the instigator of many tragedies. Continue reading